What does a Pawn Shop do?

That is an interesting question. A Pawn Shop is primarily a lending institution. We serve those who may not be able to get a bank loan but need quick cash. We make cash loans on tangible merchandise, like jewelry, electronics, guns, musical instruments and a host of other things. We hold the merchandise during the terms of the loan and return it to our customer when the loan gets paid. And yes we do charge interest on the loan. And so as long as the person keeps up with the monthly finance charge, which is often a few to a few tens of dollars, we will keep the item stored for them. However, these are designed to be short term loans and our minimum finance charge for big loans (that's $75.00 to $1340.00) is $15.00. That is cheaper than the service charge at your bank. It's cheaper than a late charge on your credit card. And it's cheaper than the reconnect fee from your utilities. And we do not report to the credit reporting agencies. That means we won't ruin your credit if you do not pay us back. We just transfer the item to our for sale inventory and sell it to recoup our investment. No harm no foul. I hope that answers your question.