What does a Pawn Shop sell?

Another great question. If you walk around your house and look at everything except the furniture, we probably have sold one. And if you look at the tools in your garage or shed, the ones the remodelers use when they updated your kitchen or bathroom, and for the most part, the ones your lawn crew uses every week when they cut your grass, we sell those too. Plus whenever you go to church, or see the high school orchestra, the instruments that they play and the microphones and sound systems that they use and, to some extent the equipment used in making their recordings can be found in our stores.

If you go hunting or enjoy shooting sports, you should come see us. Do you cycle to exercise? Run on a treadmill or lift weights? At times we have all of these things too. Like photography or shooting video? We are the resource for many professionals and amateur enthusiasts in all of these fields. We have the phones tablets and laptop and desktop computers to edit and share your creations on as well. Are you a gamer? We have those systems too. And the TVs to display them on, along with the movies and sporting events that you enjoy watching.

And everyone should know that friends don't let friends pay retail for jewelry or fine watches. Come see us at The Pawn Box. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can find it. We have been in the jewelry and watch business here in the Houston area for over four decades. We know diamond dealers, watch dealers, custom jewelry makers and a host of other professionals that can find what you want and save you a bundle. And our selection in our stores in all of these departments is pretty nice too. Stop by regularly and see what you can find at The Pawn Box.